Logo by Matt Bryant

Preliminary character designs for the main characters, Doug and Nicole

Written by Scott Kysh and published by Wikid Publishing, WRATH is a six chapter graphic novel currently in pre-production that tells the story of a young man named Doug who discovers he has the ability to manifest his childhood trauma into a physical form. The comic will be penciled/inked by Emi Utrera.

My role on the team is to provide art direction and concept art for the project, as well as create promotional materials such as cover art and posters. I have also penned some preliminary pages to help garner interest in the project. WRATH is set to begin production in late 2019 and release its first chapter during early 2020.

Doug’s manifested trauma (AKA the “Rage Puppy”)

A rough sketch version of the thugs who make an appearance in the first chapter.

Two “cameo” character designs for early backers of the project.

Standard cover design featuring present-day Doug.

Prototype first page for the comic

Variant cover design featuring young Doug

Full-spread page prototype